The Downs Link Double

An ITT over 120km of prime British gravel

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What is it?

The Down's Link Double is a new ITT (Individual Time Trial), following the Down's Link Bridleway, linking the North Downs near Guildford with the South Downs and the coast near Shoreham. For a record to count, the route is to be followed exactly in a self-supported, ITT format, as per the guidelines over at Self Supported UK.

The route is a straightforward "double" that can be completed in a day, following the Down's Link route from St Martha's Hill, near Guildford, to Shoreham. The vast majority of the route follows a disused railway trail, and is suitable for almost all bikes & riders. The start/finish is nearby to local trains, and the route traverses the picturesque Surrey Hills, Low Weald & South Downs, with little elevation change.

Explore the route
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